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2005 Cessna 172S NAV III N2334J


General Operating Parameters


Engine: 180
Prop: Fixed
Exterior: White With Burgundy And Pewter Stripes
Interior: Brown Leather


IFR Equip: Yes
Auido Ctrl: GMA 1347
Com1/Nav1: G1000 Integrated
Com2/Nav2: G1000 Integrated
ADF: None
DME: None
GPS: G1000 Integrated
Transponder: GTX 33 Mode S


Basic Empty: 1740 lbs
Maximum Gross: 2550 lbs
Useable Load: 817.1 lbs
Maximum Ramp: 2558 lbs
Maximum Takeoff: 2550 lbs
Maximum Landing: 2550 lbs

A/S Limitations:

Vne (Never Exceed): 163 KIAS
Vno (Maximum Structural Cruising): 129 KIAS
Vx (Best Angle of Climb): 62 KIAS
Vy (Best Rate of Climb): 74 KIAS
Vfe (Maximum Flaps Extended): 110 KIAS
Va1 (Design Maneuvering): 105 @ 2550 lbs

Operating Fluids

Fuel Capacity: 56 gallons
Useable Fuel: 53 gallons
Oil Capacity: 8 quarts
Minimum Oil: 6 quarts

Added Features:

Features: Garmin G1000 Glass


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